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Phone Sex Mommy Bridgette


Come here sweetheart, sit next to phone sex mommy Bridgette and let’s have us a little chat, shall we? You think you have everyone fooled, don’t you? But I know – a Mother always knows.


You sit there in your vanilla world, projecting a seemingly vanilla life, thinking no one could possibly know what depravities lurk inside that mind of yours…but I do.

I know what it’s like to hide behind the shroud of normalcy, all the while needing to feed the beast within. I know how the pull of dark lusts can lead you to even darker needs, pushing you down a path of wicked perversions you thought you would never go.

These things I know;
…these things I will teach you…
…explore with you…
…share with you.

After all, a mother is a teacher of all things, are they not? The seeds of delinquency start young, don’t they? Don’t deny it. I have seen it enough times reflecting back at me from such young eyes to know how true my words are. Curiosity…wonder…lust…need. The need to quench the hunger. But still feeling there is no relief, no release, no outlet for those unspoken taboos.

But don’t despair, I have good news for you. Your personal phone sex Mommy is here and will kiss it and make it all better.

Hmmm…so many fantasies to indulge in.
Perhaps one of these pricks the hunger within?

Curious about what your phone sex Mommy and her “friend” do behind closed doors? I’ll let you peek and watch…or better yet, give you a ringside seat for all the festivities. Maybe I’ll even teach you all about the birds and the bees late at night when I visit you in the darkness.

Wonder what it would be like to pound into your best friend’s mom? To have her pussy milk your cock dry and demand more? Maybe what you lust after, what you need, is to take what has been flaunted in front of you, taunting you, but always denied you. Let me educate you, guide you, show you. The perfect accomplice.

Sometimes a boy needs a strong hand – one to guide, to discipline, to show what’s good for him, whether he wants it or not. Even if that means that he’s really supposed to be a girl – nurturing the sissy, and yes, the sissy slut that I deem you to be. Spare the rod, spoil the child, I always say (and that rod can be used in so many different and delicious ways).

And sometimes the man needs to be reminded that he’s not too big to be put back in diapers…that he’s truly just a big adult baby and will be treated as such in every way. Oh yes, I have had many dealings with Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers alike (perhaps that is where my secret obsession of all things scat comes from). Be a sweet and loving baby, and I will be a sweet and loving phone sex mommy; be a naughty and obstinate baby, and I will show you no mercy as I bend you to my will.

My weakness is the need to immerse myself in all things deviant while portraying the sweet and innocent Mom. The dependable friend, neighbor, co-worker seemingly sheltered from the twisted and warped debaucheries of the world.

But you and I know better, don’t we?

I am wet and dripping in anticipation of your call.

Call me