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What is Safe HelpRoom?

Safe HelpRoom is a group chat service that allows sexual assault survivors in the military to connect with, and support, one another in a moderated and secure online environment at 

Safe HelpRoom sessions have a moderator who can provide referrals and help keep the conversation focused on survivors needs as well as a reviewer who ensures all participants adhere to the Ground Rules.


Ground Rules:

  • Please do not provide any personally identifiying information.  This includes information like your name, address, email address, etc.  This also includes information pertaining to other individuals including a perpetrator, supervisor, etc.
  • Please do not request personally identifying information from other participants. This includes their email, name, phone number, etc.
  • Please refrain from using abusive, graphic or inappropriate language.
  • Please participate! Safe HelpRoom sessions are only productive if participants share and talk with one another.
  • The Safe HelpRoom does not provide psychological or mental health services. Please do not use the Safe HelpRoom as a substitute for professional mental health care.

Safe HelpRoom is not intended as a replacement for counseling or other mental health services.

When is Safe HelpRoom Available?

Safe HelpRoom is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Log in at anytime to talk to other sexual assault survivors in the military. 

Is Safe HelpRoom Really Confidential and Anonymous?

Our top priority is your safety. Because of that, we designed Safe HelpRoom from the ground up, so that you can remain completely anonymous and your participation in a Safe HelpRoom session is confidential and you can remain completely anonymous.

How We Made the Safe HelpRoom Secure and Anonymous

  • We do not capture your IP address once you enter the Safe HelpRoom. This means that we have no record that you were ever here.
  • We do not save a transcript of Safe HelpRoom sessions. Once you close your chat window, that text is not retrievable.
  • We do not allow participants to share any personally - identifiable information while in a Safe HelpRoom session.
  • Safe HelpRoom reviewers have the ability to block messages that violate the Ground Rules. Messages that may be blocked or edited include those that contain personal information or inappropriate content that could be disruptive or harmful to other participants.
  • While RAINN operates the Safe Helpline under contract from the Department of Defense (DoD), we will not share any personally identifying information about your visit with the Department or your chain of command, unless required by law. To learn more, visit the Terms of Service Full Text of Agreements "How We May Share Information" section.
Is Safety Guaranteed?
  • No. We have taken extensive precautions to ensure your safety, but we cannot guarantee that someone will not invent a way to circumvent these protections. While we can't eliminate every risk, we have greatly minimized the risks and made it as safe to use as a telephone helpline.
  • Also, keep in mind that if you are using a DoD or other work-related computer, your employer may be able to track your usage of this and other websites.



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Safe HelpRoom is an online community of sexual assault survivors in the military that meet to support each other in taking the next steps after a sexual assault. It's free, online, secure, and available 24/7. Special sessions just for men are also available every Sunday from
1300-1500 EDT.