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You've seen how model Cara Delevingne slayed it at the Met Gala this year. It was a dazzling display of the convergence of tattoo & fashion

Let's owe it to the bold and feisty model to hold herself down and own this game like a real pro (if she isn't yet, that is).

Tattoo and fashion have been close friends through the recent decades. It's not such a shock to have a glimpse of a trace of ink on the skins of these walking, breathing mannequins. Not to make it sound negative, models may have a negative reputation with  issues regarding health disorder but on the upside, those who are doing it right are responsible for making waves. Whether it's temporary or the real thing, tattoos are all over the prints and runways.

It's not only the model themselves. Designers want something out of the ordinary. They want to break barriers. They're constantly thirsty for the shock value. This is why they hire tattooed models. They want these heavily tattooed walking mannequins to wear their sophisticated and ornate wears and make them clash. And man, the clash looks too good.

Going back to Cara Delevingne, she sure has gone places at such a young age. And we're not just talking about outside of England. The 22-year-old model has been burning hot for a couple of years now. We're not surprised why. From her hidden musical talents, to her upcoming John Green movie (where she's the lead actress), it's hard to tell if we've all seen what Cara can offer.

Another thing many people like and also love to hate about her is her tattoos. She's young, we can't blame her for getting cute tattoos for the hell of it. Besides, it's part of her X factor which makes her more interesting. She's still the face of many ads, where she strikes a pose, looking all effortless and herself, brandishing her small pieces of art.

Her first tattoo is the work of the same guy who made her Met Gala body art this year happen. I have no idea what's going on in this girl's head. She has all these crazy tattoos which basically just reflects who the public sees her as a person. Fun, spontaneous and downright loony.

Despite all the love she's been receiving for her ink, not everyone's a fan. Last year, she's run to trouble with tattoos with her bosses who urged her to stop getting more tattoos. Among them is Chanel, who has its complaints about the model. It's suppose to be ruining her career, which consists of wearing feminine collections. But the 22-year-old merely flipped them off, stating that anything can be airbrushed anyway and that her tattoos aren't anyone's business.

She has since then gotten countless small tattoos all over her body. As of now, she has fourteen known tattoos. We can't confirm for sure because that lady seems to show up with a new tattoo every week. Just recently, she's gotten the letters 'AC' on the inside of her left pinkie finger. This is speculated to stand for Annie Clark, who is also known as St. Vincent, the woman she's been rumoured to be dating at the moment.

Alright and where did that get her? Oh, not much. Chanel seem to have learned to keep its trap shut and let Cara do her own thing. She's recently appeared in Chanel 2015 Paris-Salzburg Campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. She teams up yet again with music star Pharrell (who has his share of tattoos as well), after starring alongside him in Chanel's short film, 'Reincarnation'.

Cara's not only the tattooed model who have graced the scene. Check out these ladies who also rocked out their body art on the runway.

Australian Catherine McNeil, who first got her big break at fourteen, has a number of tattoos all over her body-- including one for her former fiancee Ruby Rose which she has since then covered up.

As of now, she has, reportedly, a whopping 108 tattoos.

The model-slash-actress Erin Wasson is a fan of words when it comes to tattoos, even having Paramore lyrics inked on her. She also has a feather tattoo on her side.

Five-foot-eleven Abbey Lee Kershaw was once quoted claiming, "Let's just say, if I weren’t a model, I'd be a walking collage. I see my body as a blank canvas that's aching to be decorated."

This Danish model is seen by some as a runway rebel. Freja Beha Erichsen's body is adorned by over sixteen, mostly small, minimalist tattoos.

Let there be more ink spilled on the runway!