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If you’re interested in finding a Chinese mail order bride then you’ll almost certainly come across the Chnlove website. Chnlove is a Chinese dating site where men can sign up and make contact with thousands of Chinese ladies seeking marriage partners. Here’s an overview of Chnlove and a guide to what to expect if you were to use this Chinese dating service.

Chnlove Overview

Chnlove is a Chinese dating site. The site is aimed primarily at the mail order brides market, i.e. Western men seeking Chinese brides. Unlike other dating sites the Asian ladies can’t sign up to Chnlove directly. Instead, the site operates as a sort of middleman between Western men and a large number of Chinese marriage agencies. Chnlove is totally free to sign up to, so you can have a no obligation look at the site before deciding whether a Chinese bride is for you.

Each Chinese lady has a profile on Chnlove with a few details about herself. Take her English language experience with a pinch of salt – it’s not based on testing or anything scientific. There are over 10,000 Chinese ladies on the site. They are mostly living in the People’s Republic of China, with a handful of ladies from Hong Kong, and a few ladies living in other countries overseas. The mainland Chinese ladies are from a wide range of provinces and it’s easy to find hundreds of ladies living in a particular city.

Many ladies have heavily airbrushed photos of themselves showing in their profiles. Don’t get too mislead by these heavily airbrushed photos! While Chinese ladies do tend to age gracefully, some of the photos make it look like a 50 year old mature woman is more like a 20 year old. Before rushing off to meet her in China you may like to insist that she sends you some photos of herself.

If you’re interested in a lady you can send her a Cupid Note. She can also send interest in you. If you want to send a lady an email then you need to pay each time you send a letter (as well as pay to read the lady’s response). The fee includes the services of a human translator, who will translate your email into Chinese, then send you the lady’s response back in English. This allows you to correspond with ladies who can’t use a computer or who can’t speak or write any English whatsoever.

Chnlove is part of the Hong Kong based QPid Network. There is a sister site to Chnlove called Thai Matches. Chnlove is also known by a few other names, including Chnlove Asia and ChineseWomenDate.

Chnlove Reviews and Experiences

There are some good ladies on Chnlove. I spoke to a number of ladies, who ranged from professional office ladies, to teachers, store owners and a factory worker. Unlike Thai mail order bride sites the Chinese ladies looking for marriage to Western men aren’t often poor and uneducated farm workers. In fact you might be surprised at the education standards attained by many of the Chnlove ladies, and in some cases they will have good jobs (and better salaries) than you!

Many men (myself included) have found good ladies through Chnlove, and we’ve had a fantastic time visiting these ladies in China.

When I started looking for a Chinese wife, I knew nothing about the Chinese language. So I’m grateful that Chnlove’s translator system allowed me to communicate with ladies that don’t speak or write any English. I now realize that these ladies wouldn’t have been right for me, so now I only date Chinese ladies who speak and write good English.

Sadly plenty of men have also had problems with the Chnlove site. The main problem is that the business model is flawed. When you’re paying money to contact a lady then it’s in the interests of the site or the marriage agency to post fake profiles, leave ladies on the site even if they are already in a relationship, or just send you interests from ladies who aren’t really interested in you. You’ll also find that you often have to send loads of letters to a lady just to find out something important. It’s exactly the same with Russian mail order brides sites.

Are there fake profiles on Chnlove? It’s pretty difficult to tell. I know that the lady I visited did actually exist. But I was suspicious about one or two of the other ladies I sent emails to.

Plenty of men have also had bad experiences with Chnlove. It’s important to separate out the problems into issues with the dating site, and issues with ladies. What can I say? Ladies can change their mind, and not all of them are deadly serious about finding a Western husband. Many men don’t understand Chinese culture, and they underestimate what a huge undertaking it is to find a Chinese wife. Plenty of men also fall for the line of Asian women preferring much older men. As a general rule Chinese ladies don’t, although there are plenty of 22 year old Chinese girls who will marry a 50 something year old man for his money.

My own particular issue with the site stems from the fact that it’s so darned expensive. I must have spent at least $400 on Chnlove in just three or four months. I was also ripped off by having to pay to receive the same letter from the same lady twice, and my credits expired because I didn’t use the site for a while. Boy was that money down the drain. By comparison an annual Platinum membership of Chinese Love Links cost me $165. That’s even better value when you consider that you can chat to as many ladies as you like for that price! As well as the price, I also found Chnlove to be hard to use due to a pretty poor search facility. Once you use the Chinese Love Links search engine you’ll never want to use another dating site.

If you want to discuss your Chnlove experiences with other men, then try the DragonLadies or Romance Scam message boards or PFishy. There is an official Chnlove forum, but obviously negative comments about the site may be censored.

Alternatives to Chnlove Chinese Dating

I’m personally very happy with my experiences with Chinese Love Links (also known as Chinese Cupid). There are some fabulous ladies on this site. I’ve visited a number of them in China, and they were all absolutely charming.

Plenty of men also have had good experiences with the Cherry Blossoms dating site. This site is run by a long established mail order brides business. I like the fact that there are ladies from a wide range of Asian countries on this site. The membership fee is also very reasonable. But on the downside the site’s functionality is a bit basic compared to Chinese Love Links. I also got bothered quite a bit by Filipinas, even though I made it clear I was looking for a Chinese wife.

DateInAsia is a 100% free Asian dating site. There are plenty of Chinese ladies on this site. The only problem is that the search facility is very basic. Some of the members also have dubious intentions, so you have been warned!

A Foreign Affair run a number of Asian dating sites with names like Foreign Ladies, AFA and LoveMe. They also run romance tours to China. Plenty of men have good things to say about A Foreign Affair. But at the same time remember that they have a very efficient marketing department. A Foreign Affair are also quite expensive, their sites charging for letter writing as well as for paying for each lady’s email address should you want to contact her directly. Anecdotal evidence suggests that A Foreign Affair’s sites are expensive, and it can sometimes be hard to chat to their ladies outside of AFA’s websites.

Personally I think that it doesn’t really matter which Chinese dating site you use. There are good and bad ladies on all dating sites, and it is your job as a man to learn how to spot the good ones. By all means give Chnlove a go, but there are far better sites available.